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Our March Employee of the Month Winner is:

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Congratulations to Security Officer, Muhammad Alam,, for winning Employee of the Month August.

M Alam saw a young male walking onto the site and when he approached him, there was some concern for his mental health. Hamid asked if he was lost or where is guidance but he continued to proceed to the barrier to enter the site and became agitated.

M Alam informed DSS control room while holding the male at the entrance, he called a colleague on-site as well as the police. The police arrived and confirmed that he had been reported as a missing person a few hours before and that they had been looking for him. The male eventually got into the police car and was taken home safely.

We would like to acknowledge our nomination, for their level of service excellence:

Operations Manager: Rizwan Khan

Many thanks to all those who were nominated.

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