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  • SIA Licensed guards, experienced in many surveillance systems, always carry out CCTV Security Monitoring. We also have a dedicated and approved CCTV monitoring control room where our dedicated team of SIA licensed staff make sure that your site is always secure. 

  • They conduct regular building site health checks in order to keep each location performing at its optimum level. They respond to any CCTV alarms as they occur, tracking intruders, issuing audio warnings and calling upon our response partners or The Police as required. Full incident reports are produced and sent to site managers within 24 hours, with all details being available in real time and historically through our web portal.

  • If you require we are also able to support your CCTV Security Monitoring with the right level of static or mobile patrols, key holding or emergency call out facilities, to support your investment in technology.  The Security Services team operates a comprehensive CCTV system, which monitors and records images 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year from a centralised control room. Our partners can access live CCTV footage directly from our control room, enabling a fast and effective response to any incident requiring additional emergency resources.


The Benefits of Remote Monitored CCTV:

  • Cost effective compared to traditional security methods eg, manned guarding

  • Discreet yet can observe every area of the premises

  • Sites can be monitored 24 hours a day 365 days of the year

  • Ability to interact respond and control all levels of access to site, eg deliveries, staff, customer enquiries

  • Management of remote unmanned locations reducing the need for costly or hazardous site visits

  • Highly skilled, trained and dedicated analysts responding to activations, reducing the number of false Police call outs

  • Can provide Visual Alarm Confirmation for Police response purposes

  • Monitoring a fast response service

    State of the art detection and camera systems are strategically located around the site. Within seconds of system activation by an intruder, a camera will focus automatically on the cause. Simultaneously the system will translate real-time images from the camera to the CCTV remote monitoring centre. At our CCTV Remote Monitoring Centre our experienced operators have complete control over the system, to identify whether it is a customer, staff, deliveries or intruder. The operator will make a quick and accurate assessment of the situation and take the appropriate action. The system also has full audio facilities; this enables our operators to give warnings to potential attackers or assistance to staff, customers and other visitors to the site. An intercom link can also be provided for authorised enquiries.

  • In addition we can offer an SIA licensed security guard response package

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