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DSS Door Supervisors are smart and professional in their appearance. Our uniforms are clear and identifiable and can be customised according to your requirements and the image you want to portray to your customers. Fully licensed SIA door staff (formally known as bouncers), highly professional
men and women with a high personal standard of work ethics and are highly motivated individuals
uniformed or covert ready to protect your interests and give you piece of mind. With council licensing laws getting stricter and forcing you to have security on your premises
for your license to be granted, why not have a well known company already in place to show
that your doing the upmost for your venue. DSS Security can provide fully SIA licensed door supervisors for a variety of operations from small capacity venues to large-scale teams for busy nightclubs in major cities. 

No matter what the size, type or location of the venue we will always provide the same high standards of service to ensure that your customers have a safe and enjoyable experience. All our Door Supervisors have skills and qualified in Customer Care, Behaviour Standards, Civil and Criminal Law, Drug Prevention,First Aid, Searching, Powers of Arrest, Laws relating to Licensing, Incident Reporting and Scene Prevention, Offensive Weapons and De-escalation Techniques.

In addition to their basic SIA Licence training our operatives undergo an award winning skills development programme in which they are developed in first aid and welfare, physical intervention skills and emergency management with health and safety. All senior operative are expected to be experts in all of these areas. In addition to this Head Door Supervisors are trained to Level 2 in Team Leading or Level 3 in Management depending on the size of their team. Further qualifications up to Level 7 (postgraduate level) are available for management staff.

In addition to our Door Supervisors we can offer a range of technology to support your service provision. We are currently using ID scanners, communications technology and body worn video to improve service to our clients.

Our Door Supervision Venue Documentation was developed with input from Police Licensing Officers across three constabularies and is recognised as best practice in the industry. We also collate statistics based on a range of data to predict customer numbers, incidents, required staffing levels, refusals, safety issues and customer evictions. These statistics are used as part of your Door Supervisors’ performance reviews and are under continuous review by your client manager in order to promote positive trends.

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