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DSS Security close protection officers are highly trained in all aspects of personal protection and conflict management skills.  We can provide Close protection officers for every occasion, from low profile clients up to high profile celebrities including Corporate, TV, Film and Music Celebrities. When selecting the DSS close protection officers for your assignment the specific experience and personality of the officer will be taken into account for your individual needs.

Our close protection officers will mold themselves to match the criteria of your situation. In some cases you may want them to be overt so that it is clear to everybody that you have a DSS present. Alternatively you may want their presence to be discreet and unnoticed so our CPO staff would take a covert role.

Our specialist security services cover a wide range of services and during the consultancy period detailed threat and risk assessments are carried out to ensure that all your security needs are in place, no matter how small or large the security detail required. Often personnel require lone operatives for peace of mind; whether for travel, functions or public engagements – but quite often greater measures are required and a full security detail is put in place.

All security details differ depending on the threat and that is why at DSS close protection we work very closely with you to establish all your security requirements and minimise the risk. It is important for security reasons that we do not discuss operational tasks on the website or the measures we may put in place; but each task is methodically planned to ensure the security task is completed as per the detail.

The personnel at DSS Close protection have worked over many years with many celebrities and have been involved with some of the highest profile commercial security details. We have also worked with Royal Families, foreign dignitaries and in hostile environments. We only use operatives from Military or Police backgrounds ensuring that the high level training gained within those sectors is carried forward into the civilian environment and this, coupled with the high level Close Protection training through the SIA, ensures that operatives are of the highest professional standard.

We would welcome you calling us with any security requirement you may have however large or small, and your enquiry will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence. Our work is from a very large recommendation source and this is because we believe we are one of the most highly qualified and professional specialist security consultancies.

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