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Who We Are?

Delivering the highest level of security services in both the public and private sectors with holistic, competitive, solutions.  Defence Security Solutions is a young ambitions company constantly striving through performance excellence to become one of the nation’s leading full-service companies in the industry offering a variety of professionally, skillfully and discreetly managed programs, solutions and services for individuals, companies, facilities and organisations.


Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on constantly expanding our knowledge, our education and our areas of expertise in every arena of proficiency by staying in the vanguard of our field.  We have been able to develop, improve and expand our level and types of services to meet the needs and demands of our ever-increasing client base.

What We Do?

All of our comprehensive security services provide our clients with finest benefits, support staff, experience and up-to-date information and data found in the industry today.  So whatever your needs range from one security officer to a full security department, we will evaluate your situation, help tailor a program to suit your needs and provides the skilled personnel to complete your assignment professionally, efficiently and cost-effectively.


How we deliver value for money?

We offer very competitive rates. There are no corporate overheads in our costs and we don’t cut corners to reduce our fees.

The quality of service we provide always exceeds the standards required which facilitates faster and more efficient response times. Staff take on additional duties beyond core work and at least one of our Senior Team are available 24/7, to ensure our personal service is always maintained.

So if you are looking for a security services company that will:

  • Not cost, but save you money

  • Reduce your risk element

  • Provide you with security staff who will complement your business

  • Make you, your staff and your customers feel safe in their working / business / social environment,

Contact us today. We are pretty confident that you will stick with us once you try us! 

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