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DSS has vast experience in providing full security solutions for a variety of indoor and outdoor events. We can supply licensed door supervisor staff for events which require such precautions (this includes any event which will be selling alcohol), as well as non licensed staff for duties such as stewarding and car park operations. All events will be fully managed by a highly skilled team who will liaise between the event organisers, local authorities and any emergency services present. 

DSS specialises in the Event Security needs of the entertainment industry. Our comprehensive plan covers all capacities and eventualities ensuring a smooth running of your event. We can arrange the supply of barriers, fencing, fire safety, notices or any other Event Security equipment required to benefit your particular Event. Positive friendly attitude at all times towards Patrons attending your Event, in particular at the points of entry where first impressions count.

Most VeEvents will begin to have problems and a bad reputation when they hire Security firms who are only too happy to supply inexperienced and poorly trained aggressive Door staff. The duty of special staff is to monitor the crowd to see how A behaves. Our goal is to see that everyone has a good time. Our Door staffs are Personable, Friendly, and are able to talk to people without appearing threatening or intimidating.

Our security staff offer a huge skill set involved with event security, including:

  • Static and mobile security

  • Front of house security

  • Crowd management services

  • Emergency planning and evacuation procedures

  • Liaising with police and event organisers

  • CCTV surveillance


We offer a wedding security service which blends high levels of protection with discretion, just to make sure we don’t steal your thunder on your long awaited day. With highly qualified security officers we will ensure that not only your venue stays secure but we can also carry out other duties to make your day run smoothly such as looking after your guests’ belongings and any gifts too.


If you’re holding a corporate event no doubt you’ll want to give off the best impression of your business as possible. Often high-profile affairs with executive guests who will understandably expect the event they’re attending to be a safe one, it’s vital you can provide them with this assurance. With only one way to achieve this sense of security, it is imperative that you invest in unbeatable corporate event security which luckily for you here at DSS we specialise in.



We’ll work with you to establish exactly what type of concert you’re holding so we can tailor our concert security to your individual needs. However, an aspect of our security that we will establish with all of our clients is the fact that the safety of all of your guests is a priority. After all the last thing on your attendees’ minds is going to be whether or not they’re safe, this will be taken as a given and rightly so. This is why it’s imperative that you have top concert security guards and officers to ensure this is the case.



We offer leading sporting event security which includes a whole range of services from crowd control, ticket management to car park and shuttle bus security and even VIP security management. With the rise of terrorism over past years and events which attract huge crowds proving victim to such disasters it’s imperative that you create a robust safe and secure environment at your venue or stadium. As the only effective way to lessen your risk not to mention control your insurance costs and uphold your great reputation you need top level sports event security.


We’re one of the UK’s most trusted companies when it comes to keeping your event under control. With our expertise in venue and event security the time and finance you’ve spent ensuring your festival is a success won’t be wasted. Hoping to attract as many guests as possible paired with the hope that everyone who attends your event has a great time, it’s imperative that your festival isn’t without its fair share of festival security officers. With our experience here at DSS we know how easy it is for a festival to get out of hand, taking just one bad review or incident at a festival to completely ruin its reputation not only for that year but for years to come. 

Responsibilities such as arranging security and emergency contingency plans and being first on the scene to provide first aid assistance make up only a fraction of the duties of our security guards. Organising the event entails that a number of issues are safely under control, including the number of people involved, the venue’s evacuation procedures, and custom designing your security guards relevant to your event.

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